Family History

TEM Timeline Notes about my Dad, especially where he was posted and when.
Laura Harris Ellis Small Photo Album This is a small album carried by my grandmother.

Email 1 from MHM 9/30/07 : Hi John -- The following info was found in a "baby" book that your Grandmother made for Aunt Mary.
It gives the places that Aunt Mary lived when she was a baby.  They moved a lot until the house on Northamption was built.  I vaguely remember your Grandmother telling me that she was afraid of some disease (flu?) that neighbors had so insisted that the family move to a different part of town.  I think that was the move to Bethesda.

FAMILY NOTES:  From a baby book written by her mother – (for Aunt Mary)

"Traveled from Golden Colo. to Washington, D.C. when 3 1/2 months old (Nov. 2 1919).   Jackson St. 1232, Brookland, D.C. 

Moved to 1730 18th,

Moved to 1728 18th. 

In June moved to 1632, 29th st. Georgetown, D.C. 

In October moved to Bethesda, Md. 

To Richmond, VA to visit my grandparents Jan 15, 1920 (6 mos).

                     On Nov 10th 1920 moved into our own home 3916 Northamption St. Chevy Chase, D.C. (16 mos old)"

1952 Apr 25 - nov 11.doc
Email 3 from MHM 9/30/07 : Attached are letters your mother wrote to friends in Michigan after you were born. 
I like timelines.  My goal was to make one for your parents and Col. Ellis but I haven't done it yet.  There are a lot of papers to review to get the information and it seems, at times, to be overwhelming to even start.  Your timeline is a good begining.